60,000 DJ’s worldwide have downloaded my UK Football anthem Now Everybody Stand In Line

UK Football anthem Now Everybody Stand In Line has just passed 60,000 world wide DJ downloads in just three weeks, reaching number one in several DJ download charts.

On just one site alone Starfleetmusic 15000 have downloaded the song,
and out of 9,000 DJ votes 90% like the song or say it’s or hit.

..that is 90% approval from the worlds top DJ’s!!………………the track will be released at the end of May!!…so stay tuned to our blog!!


Now Everybody Stand in Line is now being played on hundreds of international internet radio stations, pod casts, and radio stations from Miami to Berlin to National Radio Norway, to France with countless more daily.
All the big DJ’s in Benidorm and on the Costa Del Sol also have the song and the reports are that thousands of holiday makers will be hearing the song and performing the Stand in line dance.
Over 300 club DJ’s in the UK are now also playing the Soul Seekerz club remixes of Now Everybody Stand In Line.


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