My last gig was like an evening of reunions with old friends at The Prince Regent Hotel, Woodford Green.

On saturday the 24th March I had a gig with Alpha Connection at the Prince Regent Hotel in Chigwell for a Charity Ball in aid of Autism and the evening raised an amazing £31,000 for charity!!

I arrived early from Portsmouth for a sound check with our bass player Tim Charlton and met Steve Harper the sax player , leader of Alpha Connection along with Chris the sound engineer who we had not worked with for 7 years ….first reunion!!

We as we were setting up the gear and sound checking the toastmaster for the event arrived who we hadn’t worked with for 3 or 4 years called Nigel Gordon-Rae ….good times were talked about past gigs etc… 2nd reunion!!

Then after everything was set the guests arrived and whilst the guests were haveing a drink reception & we were chilling out in the dressing room the rest of the band members started arriving. One by one they familiar faces turned up….Nina on vocals, Paul on trumpet, Ollie on drums, Barrie on Sax ( Barry Sax??) , new face on lead guitar , Pete on keyboards last gig he did with us must have been 3 years ago!!…..3rd reunion!!

So then it came to my cue to sing & entertain during the dinner !!Therefore  I went down and entertained the guests with my rat pack set for just over an hour whilst the guests had a wonderful sumptuous buffet !! Songs from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Michael Buble to get everyone in a good mood for later!! …..

After I finfished I managed to grab a plate of food and head up to our changing room and who appeared but our trombonist for the evening who wasn’t a usual member of Alpha Connection!! …It was an old friend and colleague from way back in my past!! ….a fellow trombonist from the Royal Marine band whom I had not seen for at least 20 years!!…Mick Davis is his name and it was really great to see that he was still as short as me after all those years!!….I think we were both the smallest trombone players in the Royal Marine band at one time and both served at Eastney barracks back in the early 1980’s!!….it was great catching up after all those years and brought back so many great memories!!………4th reunion!!

So I went on stage that night and we all did a great gig and it was amazing to be once again on stage with an old friend & colleague whom i had lost touch with all those years!!




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